Business consulting

We help established companies, start-ups, executives, founders and investors to build or improve the backbone of their business: strategic vision, execution, efficiency, ability to drive and accommodate changes, regular management.

We also help foreign innovative companies to establish their presence, launch and support business operations in Switzerland.

Growth consulting for technology sector.

We focus on all key aspects to enable and support the growth of your business: from building a strategy and working with a pipeline of opportunities to ensuring internal capabilities (such as culture, innovations, planning and execution, organization development) to initiate and sustain growth.

While we primarily focus on technology, innovations and services sectors, our clients from other industries also using our expertise to identify and eliminate obstacles, drive transformations and digitize their businesses as pre-conditions for growth.

Board services
for start-ups and enterprises.

Having independent, strong and effective professionals on your board is increasingly important for the long-term success of your business. We provide board member candidates with a proven track record on executive positions in different geographies, industries and functions.

Currently, Radenia providing board services to several technology, sustainability, and service companies and start-ups in European Union, Switzerland and Ukraine. Learn from trustful experts, enable growth or sustain success.

Performance and manageability of your business.

Having your business up in running is just the beginning of your journey. Having a stable model and execution does not mean that you run your business in the most efficient way or it capable to react properly to changes.

We help companies measure their business to understand it better; have an optimal organizational structure, people and motivation; design, implement and improve processes and policies; run their business effectively, grow it and save on scale.

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Change consulting.

Changes are unavoidable. In constantly changing environments, fast-moving markets and industries you have to keep a good pace of changes to keep your pole position and win the race. Improve adaptability of your business and foster a culture of constant changes.

Planning and managing changes is a special skill that is in high demand today. We are ready to guide your leadership and teams through transformations.

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