Every leader asking the same questions. Do we have the right people to do the job? Are they ready to handle ambitious growth? Are they equipped with experience, knowledge, skills and mindset to achieve goals? How to support them in turbulent times and guide through challenges?

The best we can do for them is to trigger and support their development, provide a platform to master their management skills, reveal and fulfil their leadership potential. We understand natural challenges the next generation of leaders is facing and ready to provide guidance and support in their evolution.

Coaching and development for founders and executives.

It is a common myth that top executives (including in tech companies) need little to no personal development, support or coaching (as they are often assumed being seasoned enough to be ready for any challenge).

We believe that the need for coaching is growing as you progress in your career ladder. The more you invest in the development of your key executives and yourself as a company leader – the more you invest into the entire organization.

We propose individual coaching from experienced leaders for managers of different levels of maturity. Preparation for the next step in career and ongoing consultations on strategic and tactical matters. Executive coaching, feedback sessions, improvement of communications and personal effectiveness, conflict management and dealing with your comfort zone.

Learn from those who can help you avoid mistakes and take a shorter way to success.

Working in cross-cultural environments.

Remote as a new normal boosted demand on distributed teams and thus, a need to make the collaboration of talents having different cultural background “must” expertise for every leader.

Alignment, performance and motivation – all that can be improved (sometimes significantly) by proper communications, managing mutual expectations and respecting cultural differences.

Our experts – representing different cultures and have vast international experience – are happy to work with your leadership and teams in different geographies to make sure that all segments of your global organization working as one team.

Development programs for management.

Having experience in supporting managers through university programs, business schools and corporate initiatives, our experts are ready to build a custom program addressing your specific needs in the development of your management teams.

General management skills, industry-specific programs (for example, leadership in technology space), programs targeting particular management level or geography – we provide custom and packaged programs to do exactly what is needed to bring your most prominent and valuable managers to a next level.

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