We make digital transformation understood.
That’s why our motto is “Demystifying Digital”.

A Digital Transformation, technology and nearshoring consulting boutique founded in 2016 and headquartered at the very heart of Europe – Zug, Switzerland.

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Radenia AG helps international businesses ranging from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 companies with their digital transformations.

We take business processes, IT services and digital delivery capabilities of our clients to a new level of efficiency with digital transformation, business, IT and sourcing consulting and advisory.

We have decades of experience delivering quality solutions and consulting to our clients from multiple verticals and functions.

Our Team.

People is what makes companies different.

From the very first day of Radenia, the idea behind it was to combine expertise, knowledge and passion of best professionals in key areas of business, technology and human matters.

We shape flexible project teams to address the exact needs of each project or engagement. We want to be able to provide our clients with best in class expertise and this should be the exact expertise that is needed.

For us, it does not matter where our expert or partner is located. What we value – is a joint experience in solving complex business or technology issues, converting challenges into opportunities and providing our clients with quality results.

Within decades our key people were collaborating with multiple professionals around the globe. And the team we have now is a result of a careful selection from best of people we had a pleasure to work with. And we are here to help you.

Our Ecosystem.

Being not only a consultancy but also a gateway to the IT expertise and resources, we are relying on our own ecosystem of trusted vendors and consultants across Europe and beyond.

Our services span across multiple locations including Switzerland, the UK, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Italy, Sweden, US, the Netherlands, Czechia and Australia.

Our trusted partners support us with expertise in custom software development, integration, quality assurance, UI/UX, Agile / Scrum consulting, product development services, PoC / MVP services, B2B and B2C solutions development, SaaS solutions, business processes automation, data engineering, analytics and insights, business intelligence, executive and operational dashboards, self-service portals, cloud, DevOps, IT outsourcing, business processes outsourcing and other areas.

Our focus Industries and Functions.

Our key people, consultants and partners are experienced in delivering solutions and services to multiple verticals and industries, such as: financial services, technology, professional services, construction, real estate and facilities management, field services, distribution, publishing, e-commerce, sustainability and other.

We’ve been transforming and empowering multiple front- and back-office, change- and run-the-business functions: strategic management, change management and continuous improvement, HR, recruitment, internal communications, marketing, sales, account management, operations, travel and relocation, IT, finance and controlling.

We’ve helped to establish or redesign corporate functions, operational and motivation models.


Swiss quality in digital transformation.
Global experience.
(And reasonably priced).