IT Sourcing /
Nearshoring Advisory

Strategy and Model.

Audit and Restructure.

Vendor selection.

The new normal of all-remote teams rise a natural question: “If all our team members are working remotely anyway, why shall we hire them in Bay Area, London or Munchen instead of engaging with best talents in nearshore?”. Proper offshore/nearshore strategy and its quality execution may provide the same competence and delivery capacity for 50% of the original cost of your onsite IT team.

Having remarkable experience in helping different clients – from start-ups and SMEs to Fortune 500 enterprises – to find the best option for outsourcing / nearshoring and support evolution of engagement with external providers we can offer consulting and advisory to make maximum out of your outsourcing deals.

Strategy and Model.

Define your strategy and roadmap for outsourcing and select the optimal and sustainable model to accommodate your needs.

We believe in “strategy first” approach. Before looking at an optimal model or selecting a vendor or location you should be very clear about what do you want to outsource or move to nearshore and why. We should carefully analyze the risks and benefits of this decision, understand how it aligned with your current strategy and whether this decision will be good for your company in a long run. Efforts to launch and maintain, expected efficiency, changes to the operational model and many other factors should be taken into account.

Modern IT outsourcing offers a multitude of engagement and pricing models. Starting with traditional staff augmentation, fixed-price project-based engagements, to modern own R&D centers or complex outcome-based deals.

While your situation is very unlikely to be unique, it is very important to approach your outsourcing journey with the right strategy that will accommodate your current and future demand, which is achievable for your organization and your partner and will not cost you too much.

As we have practical experience in helping companies to build the right strategy and select the optimal model and we know how outsourcing strategies are being executed in real life (including from a vendor perspective), we are happy to offer our services and guide your organization through initial steps with your strategy and support selection process being your trusted advisor or representative.

Audit and Restructure.

On-demand and ongoing audits or interventions to ensure alignment, optimal pricing, manageability and transparency.

Move or restructure your IT engagement.

With time any offshore engagement requires closer attention. As original plans changing, expectations not always fulfilled, miscommunications, changes in ownership and other factors leading to a deficit of transparency and growing misalignment between onsite and remote teams. Moreover, often initial financial efficiency is vanishing causing natural concerns.

We are ready to do an independent audit of all aspects of your existing IT offshore engagements: delivery process, operational efficiency, capacity management, quality, pricing, human resources and motivation, the capability of local management. team. We can also perform regular check-ups and provide our conclusions and recommendations to keep your remote team and operations in a good shape. We also can help your remote team and its leaders to be more efficient in working on projects with colleagues from other geographies.

If no satisfactory remediation can be found – we will help you with moving, restructuring or sunsetting your IT outsourcing engagement.

Vendor selection.

Navigate target markets, formulate requirements, shortlist candidate providers and identify the partner of choice.

Identify best nearshore management team.

Looking for an outsourcing provider might be a tricky exercise, especially, if you never did that before or not familiar with particular markets.

We can help you build a good understanding of the pros and cons of different regions and types of providers, analyze your needs and either support your selection process or recommend companies to choose from.

Working closely with your business and IT management, procurement and legal, recruitment and retention teams, we can guide you through the selection process and advise on each and every component of the outsourcing model to ensure the best deal for you.

While the importance of finding the right provider and selecting the right model is hardly can be overestimated, it is all about people. We are happy to help you in building job descriptions, motivation models, organizing the interviewing process and recommend the most relevant people to launch your operations and drive execution in the nearshore.