Business consulting

Change consulting

A while ago we opposing “run the business” (RTB) and “change the business” (CTB) functions, leaders and even mindsets. Those times have gone. The current (and future) degree of uncertainty in the business, political and social environments and the turbulence it causes inside our companies are turned CTB into a “new RTB”.

We help companies and their leadership to adapt to this new reality by sharing our experience in transformations of any scale.

Transformation strategy, framework and execution.

No matter how good your products, services, processes and systems are, it is just a matter of time when they won’t fit the market, clients, competitive environment and expectations from your own team and leadership.

How Radenia can help:

1) “As Is” vs “To Be” analysis.

2) Transformation roadmap.

3) Guide through transformation.

We have great experience in the analysis of existing services, organizational structures and tools and shaping their future state. Together with your experts, stakeholders and key users, we can build a realistic, effective and functional view of transformation goals and expected outcomes.

A number of clients from around the globe appreciated our close and creative collaboration in re-thinking and/or formulating the way they will improve their organizations, products, services and experiences and improve internal efficiency.

Building a proper roadmap for changes is a critical pre-condition for success. Despite being an obvious step in any transformation program, the roadmap is often considered as a ritual slideware, not a practical artifact. We can help with building a realistic transformation roadmap to ensure optimal value, cost and time to market, align interests of all key stakeholders, make it controllable and doable. We will make sure that you are equipped with everything you need before starting your successful change journey.

We provide end-to-end services for transformations starting from the problem statement and change strategy definition up to change execution support. This model provides maximum value as all stages of a transformation will be under close supervision and guidance of an experienced change management team. Our team will work closely with your executive leadership to ensure strategic alignment and result orientation.

From single change to Countinuous improvement.

Don’t think about change as a one-off exercise. One single transformational transaction cannot guarantee you long-term success. Environments, clients and their expectations, competition, regulation, tools and technologies are in continuous change, so should your company.

Many organizations and teams are struggling to establish a culture and process of continuous improvement. We are ready to provide best practices and consulting to guide you through this process and make sure it brings tangible results.

Making changes part of your corporate DNA.

All organizations are unique in many ways but all of them share habits that prevent them from being driven by changes.

How Radenia can help:

1) Fostering change culture.

2) Addressing resistance to changes.

Being effective in driving changes requires special culture and discipline. Why are changes important? How to motivate people to change? Why do most people perceive changes as a risk, not an opportunity? What is the capacity of your company to accommodate changes? What is required from the leadership and the entire team to ensure effective changes?

We are happy to share our experience to help your company or team to improve the ability to change.

Resistance is an obvious effect of changes. You can hardly give an example of significant change when different stakeholders, teams, organizations or personalities do not demonstrate resistance or even sabotage.

How does one overcome resistance and convert it into support to sustain positive changes? How to deal with resistance in painful transformations? We usually learn it the hard way. But we are ready to help in making changes a positive experience for your organization.