Cost optimization

Targeted research and analysis of how to keep a business running while saving to improve the bottom line. We develop realistic optimization plans, processes, policies and communications to eliminate wastes. From profiling and segmentation to fine-tune spending patterns. Benchmarking for ongoing control and mid- to long-term planning and forecasting.

Measure performance, reward success

Tailored metrics systems to control operational and business performance, reveal inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Capture business results, savings and efficiency gains with KPIs. Convert digits into actions.

Redefine motivation through alignment to added value and performance. Create and optimize motivation systems.

Executive dashboards and reporting

How much do you know about your business? Do you have current status of your metrics and key performance indicators every morning on your screen? How long does it take you to get information that you need to make business decisions? Can you drill into every department and every region of your business?

Having access to data is critical to the business. Yet, according to a survey, 57% of executives don’t have access and availability of the data they need.

We can help you build Executive dashboard and Business Intelligence systems that will allow you to see how your business is progressing every day. It will help your decision-making process and change your way of thinking. We can bring uniformity to the analytical and reporting process.

We can help you to aggregate, analyse, and visualise data, turning raw statistics into actionable information that is easy to digest and understand.

Building a service-oriented company

Service orientation has at least two sides: how do we serve our external clients and how do we do that with internal clients. All of those employed by a company are internal clients for multiple internal services and functions. They are actors or end-users of corporate processes and systems. The way they work internally largely affects the way they work outside of the organization.

What does it mean to have a service-oriented company from the standpoint of internal consumer and provider of internal service? How inter-cultural differences affect internal service? How to make sure that one collaborates internally in the most effective way to improve performance, quality of service and client satisfaction? We believe we know the answers from our practice and can share them with you to enable you in building a truly service-oriented company.

Processes and Policies

We all like flexibility. But it should be reasonably balanced with rules.

We will help you make sure that internal processes, rules and other regulations are smart, realistic, aligned with business goals, measurable and convenient for clients and other end users. We estimate the impact on key audiences and PnL to fine-tune your processes portfolio, lower overhead and optimize cost while keeping key processes up to date, controllable and effective.