Business consulting

4 steps: how we help companies improve the performance and manageability of their business

There is always room for improvement. No matter at which level the performance and operational excellence of your company are – you can do more. Better. Faster. Cheaper. The internal efficiency of your organization to a large extent affects your clients – thus, it is an important component of the value you bring to them as well as of your competitive advantage.

We help companies identify and eliminate inefficiencies, find optimal ways for cost optimization and crystalize value streams to focus on core competencies and outsource supporting functions.

1) Measure your business to understand it better.

How much do you know about your business? Do you have your metrics and key performance indicators at the moment you need them? And how long does it take to get the information that you need to make strategic or tactical decisions?

You need a tailored metrics systems to control operational and business performance, reveal inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Capture business results, savings and efficiency gains with KPIs.

We build dashboards and business intelligence systems that allow you to see how your business is progressing every day. It will help your decision-making process and change the way of thinking in the company.

We help to turn raw statistics into actionable information that is easy to digest and understand. Convert digits into actions.

2) Make sure you have an optimal organizational structure, people and motivation.

Often companies are suffering from an outdated structure, split of responsibilities, the focus of their managers and functions – all that slow down growth or becoming an obstacle for the company being more efficient, also affecting motivation of staff.

Critical revision of the organization and all its components, right challenging of status-quo (including key roles and people) and refresh of priorities would be a good idea for any company from time to time. And this is where our experience comes to a scene.

And last, but not least: how you motive your key people to contribute to the success of your company? Are their goals aligned to the corporate strategy? How you recognize and reward their success as part of your success? We help redefine motivation through alignment to added value and performance. Create and optimize a proper motivation system for members of your management team and beyond.

3) Design, implement and improve processes and policies.

We all like flexibility. But it should be reasonably balanced with rules.

We will help you make sure that internal processes, rules and other regulations are smart, realistic, aligned with business goals, measurable and convenient for clients and other end users. We estimate the impact on key audiences and PnL to fine-tune your processes portfolio, lower overhead and optimize cost while keeping key processes controllable and effective.

All our employees are internal clients for internal services and functions. The way they work internally largely affects the way they work outside of the organization. We help to make sure that internal processes are properly implemented to improve performance, quality of service and client satisfaction.

Once you have your processes and procedures in place, it’s time to… change them. No process can stay unchanged forever. Business environment, strategy, internal context are constantly changing, so should your processes. We offer an audit and adjustment of processes turning your processes management routine into a continuous improvement cycle.

4) Run, grow and save on scale.

Running your company in an effective manner in a constantly-changing environment is not easy. We offer management expertise from people who successfully run companies ranging from small and medium to extra-large multinationals.

While growth is often the ultimate priority for many companies and leaders, some organizations are not ready to support and sustain it. We help leaders and their teams to build and implement an approach to handle growth right.

Getting there and being there are two different stories. Once you reach a certain scale it’s time to look at extra efficiency. Can we benefit from the economy of scale of our operations? Can we transform our services to achieve additional efficiency gain, convert or outsource them to enjoy a lower price?

We do target research and analysis of how to keep your business running while saving to improve the bottom line. Develop realistic optimization plans, processes, policies and communications to eliminate wastes. From profiling and segmentation to fine-tune spending patterns. Benchmarking for ongoing control and mid- to long-term planning and forecasting.