We are here to help you with all the key components of your digitalization process.

1) Research, analysis and shaping of a project or a change strategy, roadmap and plan – working closely with business and technology leaders at all levels. Transformation program and project management. Identify improvement opportunities, enable efficiency and competitive advantages with digital solutions.

Deliverables: discovery phase artefacts, project scope and budget, business/functional requirements, user experience

2) Optimize or design business processes, organizational structures and motivation models.
Deliverables: process maps and descriptions, organizational charts, the definition of roles, metrics and KPIs

3) Digitalization and optimization of value streams and services with end-to-end custom software development and integration.
Deliverables: web/mobile solutions, corporate portals, training for key users, documentation, integration interfaces

4) Guide your organization through transformation, including support for leadership, line management and employees, internal communications, training and coaching.
Deliverables: individual and group sessions, communication strategy and execution, consulting

5) Data analytics, executive and operational reporting solutions.
Deliverables: data transformation and cleansing projects and procedures, corporate dashboards, business intelligence and data visualisation solutions.

And more.