IT Outsourcing Fundamentals for Business stakeholders series

JUNE 2020

Radenia has been helping companies from the US, the UK and EU with launching or restructuring their IT outsourcing / nearshoring engagement for years. This is one of our core competences and areas of interest.

Having seasoned IT outsourcing professionals onboard along with trusted consultants, we can help companies of any size and appetite to outsource by building an effective outsourcing strategy, finding the right partner, location strategy, selection of engagement and pricing model, establishing effective collaboration within the distributed teams and reaching efficiency targets.

More and more companies are considering outsourcing their IT tasks, projects and teams. Most advanced economies are facing a number of challenges, which increases the need for optimizing IT budgets.

At the same time, the demand for IT services and solutions to sustain the market position, enable further growth through new competitive advantages as well at the need to migrate operations and critical business processes online are creating a higher load on internal IT departments which already have scalability issues and are not always equipped with all the expertise required in this brave new world.

In the current situation when the majority of your workforce is working remotely anyway (or should be ready to switch back to work-from-home mode at any moment) it does not really matter anymore where those guys sit. Which is boosting demand for nearshoring or overseas outsourcing to an unprecedented level.

As a result – lots of leaders, including multiple first-timers are looking for quality outsourcing and nearshoring solutions.

While we consult companies and leaders who have little to no experience in IT outsourcing, we can see a need to share some fundamentals to enable thoughtful decisions in regard to goals, strategy and execution of IT outsourcing.

With this post CEO Radenia AG – Alexander Radchenko is starting a series of short articles to help new and potential buyers of IT outsourcing services to learn about the pros and cons of modern outsourcing. We would like to highlight some of the most important elements of making things right from the very beginning and learn from best practices as well as from typical mistakes.

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