Business leaders managing traditional and emerging companies in different geographies asking themselves the same questions:

“What shall we do to be more lean and agile?”, “Are we equipped with people, processes and systems that are effective, flexible and scalable enough to ensure support for a sustainable growth?”, “How can I spend less or get more value for the same money?”

The solution we propose is to combine the most powerful and practical methods and tools to achieve sustainable improvement of key efficiency indicators.


“AS IS” vs “TO BE”

No matter how good your processes and systems are – it is just a matter of time when they will not fit to market, clients, competitive environment and expectations from your own team and leadership. We have a great experience in analysis of existing services and tools and shaping their future state. Together with your experts, stakeholders and key users we can build a realistic, effective and functional view on your processes and systems, enabling success of your product or service portfolio.

Tens of our clients from around a globe benefited from our close and creative collaboration in re-thinking and/or formulating the way they will improve experience and efficiency of internal and external services.


Transformation framework and Continuous improvement

Building a proper roadmap for changes is a critical pre-condition for success. Despite being an obvious step in any transformation program roadmap is often considered as ritual and not practical artifact. We can help with building a realistic transformation roadmap to ensure optimal value, cost and time to market, align interests of all key stakeholders, make it controllable and doable. We will make sure that you are equipped with everything you need before starting your successful change journey.

Don’t think about change as one-off exercise. One single transformational transaction cannot guarantee you long-term success. Environments, clients and their expectations, competition, regulation and tools are in continuous change, so should be your company. Many organizations and teams are struggling to establish culture and process of continuous improvement. We are ready to provide best practices and consulting to guide you through this process and make sure it brings tangible results.

Technologies for business

Information Technologies (IT) are one of the most powerful enablers for new services, products, markets and internal efficiency. Relevant IT solution can add a lot of value to your company, irrelevant can bring a lot of risk. Having extensive experience with technologies and their application in multiple verticals we provide consultancy and solutions to make your business benefit from IT, not just use IT.

Technologies for business

ACCESS to tech expertise

Having a wide network of trusted advisors, architects, tech experts and partner companies delivering state of the art consulting, R&D and maintenance services, we open to you an access to the world of disruptive and traditional technologies. Multiplying our own experience with experience of our partners we can deliver a value to business by analysis, design, implementation, integration, deployment and maintenance of business applications of literally any complexity.

Our consolidated tech portfolio covers range of traditional industry-standard enterprise technologies such as Java or Oracle and disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data or distributed systems.

Technologies for business

IT solutions for competitive advantages and internal efficiency

Do you have optimal solutions? What is the value from your IT systems landscape for your clients and teams? How IT systems contribute into key value chains and building competitive advantages?

We can help with full cycle of IT solutions lifecycle: from early stages of business purpose identification to development, maintenance and sun setting.

Automation and optimization of business and operational routines, real-time control of corporate performance, savings on transactions and transparency on risks – internal IT systems can build a solid foundation for internal efficiency improvement. Relying on our best technology experts you can achieve great adaptability of internal processes to fast-changing environment, ensure full control over costs and support your strategic and tactical decisions with trustful numbers.

Technologies for business

Executive dashboards and reporting

How much do you know about your business? Do you have current status of your metrics and key performance indicators every morning on your screen? How long does it take you to get information that you need to make business decisions? Can you drill into every department and every region of your business?

Having access to data is critical to business. Yet, according to a survey, 57% of executives don’t have access and availability to the data they need.

We can help you to build Executive dashboard and Business Intelligence systems that will allow you to see how your business is progressing every day. It will help your decision making process and change your way of thinking. We can bring uniformity to the analytical and reporting process.

We can help you to aggregate, analyse, and visualise data, turning raw statistics into actionable information that is easy to digest and understand.

Sourcing and Nearshoring

We don’t have a luxury anymore to have all our team members sitting next to us. Cost pressure and globalized competition for talents, need to focus on core competences, growing geographical and organizational complexity of our companies – these and other factors forcing organizations to consider balancing in-house and outsourcing workforce and look for optimal location strategy.

When Information Technology and Business Processes Outsourcing (ITO/BPO) are already popular for decades, many companies still facing difficulties in structuring proper outsourcing deals, finding a reliable partner, effective utilization of outsourced functions, alignment of internal and external teams, protecting interests while working with outsourcing providers.

Having remarkable experience in helping different clients – from start-ups and small companies to global Fortune 500 enterprises – to find a best option for outsourcing / nearshoring and support evolution of engagement with external providers we can offer consulting and advisory to make maximum out of your outsourcing strategy.

Sourcing and Nearshoring

Sourcing for IT, business consulting and scalability

Finding a right partner and vendor to deliver a complex project, expand your delivery capacity or access new talent market is one of the key pre-requisites for success. We helping our clients to shortlist and select the right company or advisor to take care of their challenges related to design and delivery of IT projects, business transformations or capacity management. We invest our reputation into this selection process and rely on those proved being professional, effective and ethic.

Sourcing and Nearshoring

IT and business processes Outsourcing (ITO/BPO)

Enterprise applications analysis, development, quality assurance, integration and maintenance – we offer wide range of services, consulting, bespoke, solutions and platform development for companies from different industries. We can help you tailor engagement and pricing models, contracts and metrics to ensure best deals in ITO destinations with highest added value.

Make your business processes more effective and cheaper with BPO. Avoid paying too much for something that can be easily done with high quality for a lower price. Improve your flexibility in ramp-up / ramp-down, managing resource pools and peak resources. We provide BPO solutions in Central and Eastern Europe for global companies in different models: from simple packaged back-office outsourcing to complex outcome-driven deals.

Demystifying Digital

These days new technologies arising faster than ever, making it harder to follow even for IT professionals. But which of them will really revolutionise business models and markets, the ways we interact with our clients and partners and providing our services?

We at Radenia are working with top executives from multiple sectors and geographies to educate business leaders in disruptive technologies and show how traditional and emerging businesses can benefit from applying new technologies to their existing portfolios or services or build new.

Learn more about Demystifying Digital Series