Unlock the full potential of the cloud

Infrastructure assessment and planning
We carefully evaluate your existing infrastructure, suggest areas for improvement and build the up-to-date migration plan.

Cloud migration services
With set objectives for cloud migration, we build the specified cloud environment, deploy systems and applications, migrate databases, and verify and test the end-state infrastructure.

Infrastructure optimization and cloud-native development
Our experts make sure that you reach the highest efficiency with cloud computing and convert your applications to make them cloud-native.

Сonsulting and training
Help your team members understand all the nuances of the cloud topology and operate the new infrastructure smoothly.

CI/CD setup and adaptation
We help you build autoscaling and self-healing environments with automated infrastructure creation, testing, and deployment.

Infrastructure support and incident management
Our monitoring and disaster recovery solutions secure the high availability and strong performance of your cloud infrastructure.

How we approach Cloud migration

Build a strategy
We always start with a leading-edge migration strategy that is focused on your exact business needs.

Evaluate and plan
Through careful assessment of business processes, internal dependencies, data flows, tools and applications, our experts determine the correct priority of workload migrations.

The designed path to cloud infrastructure is executed with thoughtful precision as the end-state architecture is deployed and tested.

We streamline onboarding and training for your team members, and help them gain the required skills to navigate the cloud infrastructure.

We are always ready to optimize your existing cloud infrastructure for higher performance, or convert your apps to make them cloud-native.

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