Human Resources Management Digitalization Roadmap for 100,000+ employees



Client: A global leader in logistics and supply chain management employing over 100,000 people worldwide

Areas: Global Human Resources management automation, corporate governance, data management

Duration: 5 months


The project was initiated to address key business needs at a global scale: globalize HR processes, systems and data to ensure quality employee experience; ensure effective employment through effective processes and systems; innovate to get competitive advantages and gain efficiency.

From the technology standpoint, the client was looking to implement “global systems only” approach to eliminate hundreds of local or regional applications, consolidate HR data on a global level (respecting local regulations) and unify integration interfaces.

The project targeted all HR organizations, from corporate functions to centers of excellence and business partners; the entire portfolio of core and support HR processes and, eventually, all employees.


Radenia was working closely with HR, IT and other stakeholders throughout the entire project. A number of onsite interviews were taken at the initiation stage when the scope, goals and success measurement, target state and governance models were defined and communicated.
Based on this massive effort of the project team the approach and smart globalization framework were designed, aligning 4 major streams: processes, systems, delivery and governance.

A number of processes and artefacts were designed to support roadmap execution: governance model, change management process, HR/IT collaboration model and demand management, reference communication plans, strategic and local metrics, systems-to-processes mapping, global HR processes readiness assessment, data consolidation and protection approach, resource management and more. All that required a lot of interactions with stakeholders and experts and clear reporting to the steering body.


Within a very tight timeframe, we managed to deliver a quality roadmap supported by all necessary processes and artefacts that allow client team to effectively execute significant transformation in one of the most sensitive corporate functions.

Close collaboration with global HR and IT teams allowed reduction of systems worldwide, data quality improvement, more efficient and transparent IT landscape and also enabled standardization and automation within HR.

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