Mind the gap – a human approach to digital transformation webinar

MAY 2021

The cornerstone of digital transformation is disruptive technologies you may think.

But have you ever considered the total transaction cost in a digital transformation project? Just to name a few, the cost and impact of factors such as vision, people, culture, and processes?

Technology as a stand-alone factor will not bring a company to the next level of efficiency or to successfully innovating and implementing new products or new services. Many years of experience have shown us that the most common obstacles to overcome are:

How to make the digital transformation successful in a conservative and change-resistant environment?

How to get tangible results from onboarding a new revolutionary technology, not wasting resources on yet another “technology for the sake of technology” project and missing yet another business opportunity?

How to align strategic vision with technology enablers (and what comes first, by the way)?

These and other questions, relevant to leaders of organizations of any size, we would like to discuss with our experts. We will share our view which is based on decades of combined experience in driving changes in organizations ranging from early-stage start-ups and up to Fortune 500 companies – as non-technical problems that all organizations are facing throughout their digitalization journey are mostly the same.

Learn how to avoid the digital gap and align technology and human factors into a sound and effective execution strategy.

Date: June 30, 2021
Time: 10:00 CET (09:00 London, 10:00 Paris, Zurich, Berlin)
Platforms: Zoom and YouTube

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