Developing Internal Systems Roadmap and digital capabilities for a global telco leader



Client: A global leader in B2B telco services

Areas: business processes automation, data management, reporting and insights, building digital capabilities

Duration: 12 weeks


The goal of the project was to design a roadmap for automation of all internal business processes and define a future state of the internal IT organization.

While the company already have been using multiple advanced systems and platforms, business users and enterprise clients were facing difficulties in scaling operations, the limited ability to accommodate constantly changing needs in services customization, as well as insufficient return from investments into data management and reporting.


Radenia has shaped a project team combining experts in all key areas of interest – starting from business processes automation, to data management and organizational design.

During the discovery phase, we have interviewed over 20 key stakeholders and experts – from C-suite to operational level – to identify improvement opportunities and root causes for existing inefficiencies. We also have learned definitions of all key business processes and validated how key value chains are being executed at all levels. As a result, we presented to the steering committee a comprehensive view of the current issues and gaps and drafted a vision for the future state of the internal automation and data landscape.

Together with internal IT leadership and business stakeholders we’ve identified essential needs for data management, starting from clear near real-time reporting for both, clients and internal operations, and to integration and interchange of data between all corporate platforms, in both cloud-based and in-house segments.

We’ve managed to design a roadmap for internal systems that will allow a significant improvement of collaboration between departments, streamlining cross-functional business processes and ensure the required level of transparency and control. Effectively, we achieved this result by introducing only one element to the existing landscape, which was thoroughly selected and aligned with existing and planned platforms.

Working with business, operational and tech leadership we’ve paid special attention to the future state of the IT/digital organization and creating recommendations on building an optimal digital capability by a combination of internal and external resources – a vital enabler for many transformations in the company.


Executing the project in an aggressive timeline and under limitations imposed by the pandemic, we’ve managed to deliver a quality roadmap, including alignment of systems landscape to strategic business goals, changes in project delivery approach to allow fast time-to-market with critical client-facing functions and processes, cloud strategy, system selection, and the future state of the internal functions serving as an enabler for creation of competitive advantages and better internal efficiency.

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