Radenia hosts webinar at London Tech Week 2020


Deliver more for less? Sustain and scale digital delivery capability and access to expertise in time of budget constraints.

Pandemic has boosted a need to digitalize, re-invent or change operations, business models, product/service portfolios and processes – all that hardly reachable without significant efforts to change existing or build/adopt new IT systems and solutions.

Regardless of your current IT services delivery model, business leaders at companies of any industry, geography or scale, from early-stage start-up to Fortune 500 enterprise, need their IT peers, in-house teams and vendors to deliver fast and do that in a most efficient way – avoiding excessive investments and securing saving on TCO.

Based on 20+ years of experience in IT sourcing and nearshoring as well as recent cases on establishing or restructuring IT delivery capabilities for private and public companies from the UK, the US, Switzerland and beyond, we are happy to share our view on how to address the above challenges.

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