Being Truly Agile in Times of Turbulence

JUNE 2020

Being agile means being quick to change direction which is an inevitable trait in a current market situation. Finding a way not only to work effectively but also to have a satisfied team that can deliver products to the market fast is one of the keys to success. This can be done by introducing Agile in your organisation and not only for IT projects.

Together with the European Business Association, we co-organized the webinar to share our experience with senior business stakeholders, line managers and entrepreneurs and to explain how Agile approach and way of thinking may help organizations of different scales to sustain growth and adapt to changes fast.

Our guest speakers from MindK will share 10 years of practical experience working according to Agile with clients from different industries and countries. The event will also feature e-book “The Executive Guide to Agile” by MindK.

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