Launching R&D center for a global leader of hardware crypto wallets and fully customizable infrastructure solutions



Client: A fast paced, growing company developing security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain applications for individuals and companies, by leveraging a distinctive, proprietary technology.

Areas: sourcing and location strategy, engagement and pricing model, vendor selection, nearshore team leadership.

Duration: 3 months


Scale-up technology delivery capability, add important competences by leveraging access to the best IT talents, onboard existing nearshore resources to compliant, scalable and efficient operating platform.


Radenia has consulted Ledger and its leadership team regarding all aspects of structuring a nearshore engagement including roadmap, pricing model and vendor selection process.

This includes several onsite workshops in Paris to identify business needs and expectations of the client, give an overview of optimal engagement and pricing model, familiarize a leadership team with nearshore best practices.

At a later stage, we provided a tailored model proposal, calculated several scenarios to ensure reaching mid- and long-term efficiency targets and shortlisted candidate providers.

We organized an onsite trip to meet and evaluate candidate vendors and helped Ledger team with selection staying with them throughout the entire decision-making process.


“Ledger was looking to expand and structure its R&D capabilities to ensure access to best IT talents, efficient collaboration, scalability and compliance.

Due to intensive initial knowledge sharing from Radenia, we were able to identify an optimal model, select a partner and establish engineering centre within a couple of months.

We can recommend Radenia as our trustful advisor for sourcing and engagement management.”

Pascal Henry
Vice President, Ledger
February 2020


Ledger launched its R&D center with a compliant and transparent legal framework, the required level of scalability, transparent and flexible pricing.

We were also delighted to recommend a trustful engagement manager to launch nearshore operations and align Ledger teams across all locations.

The nearshore segment of the global Ledger became an integral part of the company’s delivery team.

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