Growth consulting for emerging IT services companies and their investors



Clients: European investment companies focused on IT services sector, small and medium IT-services companies

References: available upon request

Areas: strategy, sales and account management, operational efficiency, management development

Collaboration models: strategic sessions, on-demand consulting, long-term growth consulting or performance-based partnerships


Many emerging IT-services companies experiencing natural growth obstacles. Lack of experience in scaling delivery capabilities, structuring offerings and services portfolios, working with new client segments (often more mature than provider), suboptimal pricing, unprepared mid-level management and other challenges limiting prominent leaders and their teams from realising their potential to a full extent.

Another typical situation is when investor interested in boosting growth in the company they’ve bought or several IT companies consolidated to achieve the expected level of synergy.

Having a remarkable experience in initiating and supporting the growth of organizations ranging from early-stage start-ups to IT-services companies with thousands of engineers, we are here to help leaders and organizations, guiding them through problems of growth, building more mature and capable structures, teams, processes and bringing their companies to the next level.


We can do a strategic session or provide an on-demand consultancy on the topic of interest. However, we do believe that the best results we can achieve staying with the company leaders and the entire team for a long time.

We start from research and working closely with a leadership team, founders and investors to identify the right strategy and roadmap for growth.

Often, many functional areas in the organization require attention and development at the same time: business development, technical pre-sale, account, programme and project management, client relationships, proposal development, resource allocation and scalability, employee lifecycle, back-office processes maturity and financial discipline. Together with company leaders, we define short- and long-term priorities and focus on what can help the company to be more efficient.

We are guiding leaders and supporting teams in transformations helping with right internal communications, processes definition, motivation models and performance metrics.

We also work individually with prominent experts and leaders, including founders, to support their growth and increase the level of professional and personal maturity.


Usually, our clients reaching better financial performance, both top- and bottom-line, within a year.

At the same time, in all cases, they admitted better manageability and scalability of the organization, ability to work with bigger enterprise clients and execute larger projects.

Founders and investors have a more clear view of the company’s strengths and improvement opportunities and equipped with an actionable strategy to continue growing their business.

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