Digitalization of back-office functions

Surprisingly, even in organizations with significant IT expertise and capacity, internal operational departments are often left without proper attention and support in digitalization. It is easy to understand that business and IT leaders are focusing foremost on key revenue streams, development of new products and services or transforming the front-office. But as a result, many important corporate services – from finance to HR – are not enabled with modern and effective tools to support corporate strategies or reach a higher level of efficiency.

We have experience helping multiple back-office functions to transform, including with the involvement of digital initiatives. In each case, we should approach such digitalization wisely and make sure that the organization can see tangible results of transformation relatively fast.

It is also important to note that solving some of the natural complexities in operational departments, elimination of excessive manual work or gaining better performance and transparency not necessarily require big investments. We know many cases when short-term projects, for example, in building operational online dashboards or implementing new simple budgeting processes brought immediate positive effect to the entire organization and improved alignment between departments.